Core Activity

Our activities in structural analysis apply to metal and composite materials, especially in the domain of aerospace:

  • Static & Non Linear Static
  • Buckling and Modal Analysis
  • Transient
  • Frequency Response
  • Random Vibration
  • Thermal Analysis

In the event of sudden decompression (or depressurization) during flight, the safety of the occupants has to be ensured. Therefore, we need to estimate the loads, by computing the pressure differentials which are developed between the various compartments of the aircraft. This applies to large commercial aircraft, a business jet, or a VIP aircraft.

Heron Engineering has invested in research for the simulation of Rapid Decompression with CFD. We collaborate with our clients in this field, where we evaluate various scenarios.

Optimization pertains to shape or to minimizing weight of components, given imposed load and subjected to stress or/and displacement constrains. For metallic structures the variables for weight minimization are mainly the cross section areas of components while in composite structures this is translated to the number of composite plies. Other constraints could be frequency response, buckling, ease of fabrication, etc.

Heron Engineering in collaboration with the client sets up the optimization problem, taking into account behaviour and manufacturer constrains. This includes the determination of the objective function and of the independent design variables.

An important factor of safety is the correlation between simulation and test results. After the test campaign, the discrepancies between the model and the measured values have to be justified. We assist in the interpretation of the results and the validation of the simulation process. Depending on the outcome, if necessary we propose a more profound study. We also assist our client in the certification procedure, after the test’s validation.

Preparation of documentation such as:
  • Stress reports of analysis and studies by Heron, which are delivered together with the results to the client
  • Certification reports
  • Non-conformities and their compliance reports
  • Structural repair manuals (SRM)

CAD & CAE Software

We are using the most up to date and advanced software in our technology domain:
SIEMENS NX for conception and design and MSC Software for simulation


CAE: MSC Patran/ Nastran

Functional Skills

Strong Points

  • Solution oriented, together with the customer

  • Respect commitments and delivery dates

  • Capability to follow projects from preliminary design to manufacturing

  • Skilled and experienced engineering team

  • Flexible and effective organization

  • High quality for a competitive cost

Data security
Any data exchanged between clients and Heron Engineering is transferred encrypted via a secure ftp server.
Our data server is under European jurisdiction. For better encrypted communication we use PGP.