Project Description

A consortium of eight experienced partners from six different European countries has been established and funded by European Commission’s H2020 program, to investigate the recovery of the“MESO” micro launcher in a project called RRTB (Recovery and Return To Base).

The major objectives of the RRTB project are:

  • To validate the reentry of the first stage of the MESO microlauncher.

  • To study and test the novel EDF landing system.

  • To develop robust and cost effective reusable load-bearing structural systems & cryogenic tanks.

Our main responsibility in the project is the structural analysis of the RRTB vehicle and the support in the structural analysis of the reusable tanks. At the end, the design of the tanks will be integrated into the design of RRTB vehicle and a structural analysis of the entire stage 1 will be performed.

For the latest information concerning the project, as well as a list of the partners involved, visit the RRBT project web site

Project Details

Programme: Horizon 2020
Title: Recovery and Return To Base
Acronym: RRTB
Grant Agreement: No. 870340
Duration: 36 Months
Kick off: February 2020
Funded by the
European Union
This Project is funded by European Union