Heron Engineering is a young company based in Athens, Greece, which provides mechanical structural analysis services from ongoing development projects to R&D projects. It was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced engineers, with a strong background in the aerospace domain and expertise in structural analysis.

Our intent is to provide valuable services ensuring the integrity of a structure, in aeronautical and space domains, and in any innovative environment. Our aim is to participate in current and future industrial and/or research oriented programs, through cross borders collaborations.

We have in-depth knowledge of structural analysis, both analytical and FEA and we can cover all stages of a project, from preliminary studies to certification reports.

We have attained these competences over decades, as we have participated in several European Research projects in the area of aeronautics, undertaken by Greek enterprises and academic institutions. Some of these projects are: TANGO, ACIDS, COCOMAT, CESAR, Space RTM.

In the aerospace industry we have also participated in several projects of AirbusĀ and Astrium i.e. A350, A350 -900/1000, A400M, A340-600/500, COMS Satellite. These activities were in the design office for the development and certification phase, on the interface between design office and manufacturing, and on project management.

Through all these research and development projects we have gained extensive experience in engineering and structural analysis using both Finite Elements and hand calculation on composite and metallic aerospace structures. This includes knowledge in CAD 3D design and in production and quality support.

We have a network of professional engineers that can be mobilized to cover increased workload.
Our flexible structure allows us to match the customer's needs.

Member of

Since May 2014 Heron Engineering is a member both of the Hellenic Assosiation of Space Industry (HASI) and of si-Cluster.